About me  

First, I want to welcome you
in my sweet virtual home.
I am not used to talk about me, therefore I will do it briefly.
My name is Sylvie and I am 45.
I have four wonderful children who are almost all my life,
two girls and two boys.
Two years ago, my life was only a series of boring days.
I only lived for my children.

One day, my way crossed the one of a man.
This encounter totally changed my life.
Thanks to him, I trusted me again.
This man is now my friend and my confidant
and my hearth thanks him very much.

After our meeting, I was again able to love.
Love knocked on my door and since that time,
I make the most of life.

I wrote the poems which you will read in my web site,
for the beloved man.
I decided to illustrate them with watercolours,
C. Monet's paintings and flowers.
Drawing and painting are my favorite hobbies
and flowers are the symbol of so many things.

So, I hope that you will like my poems
and I wish to everybody to be as much happy
as I am today.


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